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Welcome to Polishstaff.co.uk!
Our service is so easy to use!
You can search for a contractor of your project by means of the MAP of chosen professionals and direct your demands to any number of contractors via a query form attached to all members profiles. All members have possibilities to submit information about their activity and photos of finished projects to provide you with maximum information about their experience.
You can quickly fill in a form to explain the work you want done. The form is very easy to complete in just a few minutes. The request will be analyzed by our team, before being forwarded to tradespeople from our network who may be able to give you a quote. Depending on the information you have given, we will either send the quote out directly to the best match members, or phone you to get a few more details of the work before sending the request out.
Selected companies and tradespeople (no more than 5) will then contact you, if they are available to offer you a quote. Then you arrange things directly with tradespeople,Click here to request a quote.
Frequently Asked Questions
Is your service completely free?
Yes, our service is totally free of charge and we take no commission on the work done.
Our income comes from subscriptions paid by tradespeople who want to be part of our network.
Does your service provide online estimates?
No, we do not give out estimates by e-mail, without a direct contact with the tradesperson.
The person who is going to do the work needs to contact you in order to accurately cost out the job.
Who are the trades that will give me a quote?
We forward your request to tradespeople we have selected from our network, on the basis of their trade
and the geographical area that they work in.
How many tradespeople will contact me?
Might vary, but we limit members allowed to access your contact details from 3 to 5 to prevent you
being swamped with calls. You will be advised by e-mail within 6 days if we have been unable to find any
tradespeople to respond to your request. However you can send your details directly to as many
contractors as you want using our search system and map.
How will I be contacted?
Most tradespeople tend to use the phone (requests with no phone number will not be processed).
We give you the chance to specify your availability, to make sure they call at a time that is convenient.
Some tradespeople make an initial contact by e-mail before phoning you or arranging an appointment.
Do the tradespeople come out to give their quote?
That is generally what happens, but it is left up to the tradesperson's discretion.
Will my contact details be posted on the web?
No, your contact details will only ever be passed on to 3 companies or tradespeople at the most,
and will never be published on the web.